Decorating Your Outside Space

I’m sure you’ve heard that decorating your outside space, should be an extension of your inside space. Bringing your style outside, should be easy and functional. Just keep some things in mind.


Here in Northern Iowa, it seems the wind blows, All. The. Time. I’ve learned to add bricks or rocks, to help hold things down. Adding rocks to the bottom of your planters, not only add weight, but are also good for drainage. I set a brick on the legs or base to my washtubs, birdhouse, or wagons. 

If it’s not the wind, then it’s the sun. The sun, can bleach things out, quickly. I look for cushions and pillows that are made out of fade resistant material. Make sure they’re washable, as well. A plastic chest, is great for storing your pillows in, unless you have room to bring them into your garage, when not in use. 

Flowers, oh man can I buy flowers like it’s nobody’s business. I buy sun lovers and shade plants. When buying flowers for your planters, it’s always a good idea to know what is going where. I buy lots of red geraniums to pair with white and (blue) purple flowers. I love the combination. Ferns are my favorite to hang from my porch. I use bright colors in my pots that go out along my flower beds. Living amongst corn fields, I like to think my acreage is a bright spot, between them. 

Do you have flower beds? Do you fill in with garden gnomes, birdhouses, or just fun junk? My flower beds are overflowing with garden stakes, old tricycles, benches, birdhouses, grinding wheels, and fun rocks. Adding some whimsy to your flower beds can play on the illusion of fairies living amongst your blooms. 

Do you plant a vegetable garden? There’s something fulfilling about growing your own veggies. If only it’s tomatoes. We always plan a huge garden and then summer activities get in the way. Sweet corn and green beans are such a great treat, in the middle of a Midwest winter. 

Whether your outdoor space is an acre retreat or a balcony in Manhattan, you can make it yours. Add color with flowers, an outdoor rug or the fabrics of your pillows. Invite your friends to enjoy drinks or maybe a BBQ. Nice weather is almost here, remember to utilize it, before winter comes around again.