• Christmas Is Upon Us

    As Thanksgiving slips away and we roll towards December, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s taken years for me to realize, it doesn’t need to be s...
  • Tackling the Apartment Above the Shop

    I’ll admit, I have a hard time branching out of my comfort zone. Primitives are my true love. So when it came to deciding what route to go, in the apartment above the shop, I knew I needed to try something new. 
  • Decorating Your Outside Space

    I’m sure you’ve heard that decorating your outside space, should be an extension of your inside space. Bringing your style outside, should be easy and functional. Just keep some things in mind.
  • Decorating Challenges

    The current decorating challenge I’m dealing with, is lack of conventional wall space. We are currently living in my husband’s shed. We are building a new home, but the weather has not cooperated the last two summers. I miss a conventional home, the most at Christmas time.