Tackling the Apartment Above the Shop

I’ll admit, I have a hard time branching out of my comfort zone. Primitives are my true love. So when it came to deciding what route to go, in the apartment above the shop, I knew I needed to try something new. 

When we purchased the shop, I always knew I wanted to do something with the apartment upstairs. We always had so many other irons in the fire and never got around to it. This past winter, we decided it was time. We tore out the old chimney, hoping to add a bit more space. We also choose to take down all the studs, that had been put up, before we purchased the building. It was laid out for 2 bedrooms but things were completely uneven. 

Now that were are down to a blank drawing canvas, I still envision 2 bedrooms and a large bathroom. A fair size kitchen and a spacious living room. I know that most people will only being one night, but I want their time in space, to be comfortable. I also know, our small community is in desperate need of an Air BnB. 

I’m leaning towards a 1940’s farmhouse theme. We already have a large porcelain sink, that I plan to incorporate into the kitchen. I also have an old Hoosier cabinet, I’d like to put into the kitchen area. I see leather club chairs in the living room. Comfy, queen sized beds, in the 2 bedrooms. I would love to do a large, claw foot tub in the bathroom, but I know that’s not exactly practical. 

Our project is no where complete, but my vision will only get better as time passes. I hope that our little apartment, can feel like a retreat for all that stay. As we complete stages, I hope to share them with you. And if you’re ever in the area, I hope you can stay with us!